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Shop Shape to Fit from Dr. Comfort. Shop Shape to Fit from Dr. Comfort Shop Shape to Fit from Dr. Comfort

Do You Need Compression Hosiery?

Compression hosiery can help reduce symptoms related to vein issues, such as aching, heaviness and swelling.

Dr. Comfort Shoes

Our shoes, slippers and socks are the best fitting, finest quality therapeutic footwear available.


Well-made, properly fitting diabetic footwear, inserts & slippers can help you avoid complications associated with diabetes.

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The Dr. Comfort Difference

Dr. Comfort was founded in 2002 by Rick Kanter, a footwear professional with more than two decades of experience. Kanter grew up in his father's footwear business and eventually started a chain of comfort footwear stores specializing in providing a variety of styles, sizes and widths.

After 20+ years in retail, Kanter sold his stores...

Dr. Comfort is a provider or diabetic footwear and the new line of Shape to Fit compression wear.